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Since 1983 the Foundation has donated over $400,000 back to the community. Projects include equipment purchases, training subsidies for hospital staff, health education scholarships for students and social activities for residents at Mount Cartier Court.

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What people say about the Revelstoke & District Health Foundation

  • “Thanks to this generous donation, our residents have been reconnected with the community they helped build. So far this year we have been able to go on 14 outings. To put that into perspective, before the bus we hadn’t been able to go on any outings in two years and on only 4 outings in the two years prior to that. This has simply been amazing, words cannot express our gratitude”.

    Kelly Pettus
    Manager, Long Term Care Services
  • “Thank you to the donor for giving our residents the freedom to get out in the world and to be a part of our beautiful community!”

    Dana -RN
    Long Term Care Coordinator
  • Cheryl & Bruce Fry

    I now have a full set of new teeth in my mouth says Bruce Fry, after a series of life threatening health issues that I have experienced over the last 30 years. I was not sure how my wife and I were ever going to be able to afford to do this.

    Because of the way my neck is, I was told by my doctor that I could not have my existing teeth removed by a Dentist in a dental chair, that I would have to have it done in the hospital under anesthetic in case of complications. I explained this to the dentist and was told then that the only places I could have this done was in Vernon or Kelowna hospital and I would be put onto a possible 2-3 yr waiting list, that was in the fall of 2017.

    My wife Cheryl who is the President at the Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary kicked into high gear when she heard that E-Z Rock Radio-thon and Hospital Foundation  along with many others in the community were raising money for the instruments to bring back the dental program at the Queen Victoria Hospital that they had years ago. We were so very excited, an appointment was made to talk about what had to be done to prepare for what I needed for my neck and things started to move closer for the procedure.

    In November of 2018 I was Dr Van Beizen’s first patient in the new dental program here in Revelstoke and thanks to this program I was able to recover at home and save approx $5000 in costs that would have incurred going to another facility.

    I am forever grateful for the funding from the community and other Organizations for this great program that will benefit many here in Revelstoke.

    Thank You.

    Bruce and Cheryl Fry.